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The most valuable aspects of our web sites are not visible to the typical visitor to the site. Spectacle Media sites can include dynamic content management, message boards, on-line questionnaires, contact databases, mass mailing systems, storefront catalogs, shopping cart systems, and any other features our customers request.

Using simple web page forms that make up the ICE content management system, the owners of the sites can add, change, and edit all content on any of their pages instantly. The owners can also view a contact database report listing information about all visitors who have filled in on-line forms or otherwise submitted information via the web site.

Message boards are included in some sites. The information gathered from message board registration is also incorporated into the contact database.

Some sites also include the Hailstorm mass mailing system that allows the owners to quickly and easily send impressive-looking electronic newsletters to some or all of the people in their contact database. This system can send thousands of e-mail messages to selected groups of people with a single click.

Each message visitors send via the web site's contact page or on-line questionnaire results in an immediate e-mail notification to any addresses the users wish. At the same time, the full message text and all related information is permanently stored in a high-end relational database management system (Microsoft SQL Server 2000). Of course, all this data can be quickly and easily exported to a universal format (CSV) that can be transferred into almost any type of database or viewed in a spreadsheet application.

Perhaps the most valuable feature of our web sites is the security offered by our 128-bit SSL encryption of all data users submit to the site, as well as any other sensitive data that might be transferred across the Internet. This high level of security is made apparent to visitors, to encourage them to feel comfortable submitting personal, confidential and/or financial information through the web site.

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